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Unlike any other experience in Brooklyn, New York, Myss Tic blends theater and mystery to create an immersive escape room adventure that haunts you long after your visit. Call ahead or book online to reserve one of two adventures; take on the role of a specialized team tasked with infiltrating a military base in the Montauk Project, or, become the next stage manager of a theater patronized by more than just the living in Ghost Light.

All games are Private, no matter how many players you book for

Rooms are disinfected between games and Merv 11 filters has been installed

Myss Tic Team members and players will wear masks at all times

Masks and gloves are available upon request

Players are screened for symptoms before each game & Game Masters before they work

Hand sanitizer is available in the lobby as well as throughout your escape game

If you have any special requests and or questions in regards to our Covid-19 protocols, feel free to contact us for more information.


Players: 2-8


Duration: 60 min


Montauk Project - Myss Tic Escape Room Banner

The Montauk Air Force Station was shut down in the 1970’s, since then there have been numerous reports of disappearances in the surrounding woods and sightings of a creature lurking around the grounds.

Rumor has it, that the bunker was never completely abandoned and unspeakable horrors from experiments carried out in secret still linger. Worse, our investigations indicate that the danger is spreading…

Infiltrate the area, locate the source of the mysterious reports and bring back hard evidence. Should you manage to return, please remember to re-seal any gates that might have been unlocked - containing the situation is of the essence.

The world may never know what you have accomplished here but the team at Myss Tic escape will always admire your courage and bravery.

Good luck!


“Montauk Project was the type of game that reminds us why we love escape rooms, and we needed that more than ever.”


Players: 2-8


Duration: 60 min


Ghost Light - Myss Tic Escape Room Banner
Golden Lock Award 2020 - Transparent.png

Olive Thomas was one of the most famous girls of the Ziegfeld Follies (a well-known theatrical revue that lived in the New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway during the infamous Vaudeville era). She died under mysterious circumstances when she was poisoned in Paris.

Since then, many stage hands in the theater swear they still see her - Bating her eyelashes, blowing a kiss or flirting with the men she sees.

The previous stage manager installed a Ghost Light on the stage so that Olive and all of the other Follies from days past can relive their performances during the night, without which they would bother the living during the day.


Keeping the spirits happy only works if you manage to turn the light on. But be careful! Once the spirits start performing, you have to clear the stage otherwise be trapped in their world forever…

Myss Tic Escape Room Ghost Light Marque

“… [T]here was a lot about Ghost Light that felt fresh and novel. It looked different, told a new story, and incorporated lighting with an elegance that we rarely see.”

Myss Tic Escape Room Ghost Light Dressing Room


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Fri after 4pm - Sun

Prices shown are per person, total number of people will affect the price per person.