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Myss Tic Rooms

Myss Tic Rooms

Room Escape Artist: Ghost Light and Montauk Project

“Ghost Light is one of the best escape rooms in New York City.”

“While it was an escape room through and through … there was a lot about Ghost Light that felt fresh and novel. It looked different, told a new story, and incorporated lighting with an elegance that we rarely see. It felt a little like a magic trick, and served as a constant reminder that truly caring about craft is a superpower in and of itself. With this and their first game Montauk Project, MyssTic has established itself as a must-play venue in New York City. If you’re choosing between Montauk Project and Ghost Light, my first question would be, why not play both? If you can’t do that, honestly, pick the one that speaks to you. There are no wrong choices.”

Montauk Project was the type of game that reminds us why we love escape rooms, and we needed that more than ever. It’s easy to recommend Montauk Project and MyssTic’s other game Ghost Light . This is one of the top companies in New York City.”

Myss Tic Rooms

Escape The Roomers: Ghost Light and Montauk Project

“After playing many escape rooms, it is always a wonderful sensation to find a theme that hasn’t quite been done or replicated previously and “Ghost Light” , I am happy to say, is a unique and beautiful game that fits well in the theatrically heavy city of New York. The game has supernatural elements but at no point does it ever consider itself to be a horror game. It seeks to tell a tale of mysticism and adventure through its puzzles and set design.”

“‘Ghost Light’ is a unique game with an original theme that is sure to impress all of the inner theater people within us.”

“You should definitely go play this room if you’re ever in NY. And if you enjoy films like “10 Cloverfield Lane” or “Stranger Things“, you would love it even more. From the moment we entered “Montauk Project“, nothing else in the outside world mattered. We were in Camp Hero State Park.”

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