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What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms combine lateral thinking with creative problem solving to create an experience that will have the whole group involved. A short introduction before the game will reveal your goal and backstory for the game. You have 60-minutes to work together inorder to solve the rooms many puzzles which can include physical locks, buttons, keys, riddles, and mechanical puzzles.
Our Rooms are a type of live-action games in which you are set in a room with your group and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and clues in order to fulfill the mission or the story of the room within a set time limit.
Yes. After you have made your booking you can add as many extra players as you want until you reach the maximum capacity of the rooms. (8 for Montauk, and 6 for Ghost light). You can let your Game Master know before the start of your game, and can pay on site with cash or card. Occasionally, we will allow 9 people in Montauk, or 7 in Ghost Light. Please give us a call in advance to organize that.
Our rooms can be creepy or mysterious but they are not meant to be scary. They are, however very realistic and seek to immerse the player in the game. There are no jump scares or actors in the rooms.
We do not allow photos or videos to be taken inside the rooms to ensure future players will not have any of the exciting twists or puzzles to maximize the experience. We do allow one photo opportunity at the end of your game to remember your experience. A Game Master will offer to take a photo for you.
Yes. We recommend going before you play! Once the door has locked behind you, you’re in for the duration. And may never come out at all… Nah, obviously we’ll let you out if you need us to. But you don’t want to spoil the game!
We are proud to say that we are! However our rooms are not big enough for multiple wheelchairs, only one at a time. Please, contact us prior the game to make the necessary arrengments.
Comfy clothing is advised but not imposed. You will need to move comfortably and our rooms have real sand so high heels and flip flops might not be the best option. If you need reading glasses, you should bring them with you.
Both of our rooms have immersive clue systems that provide clear, tangible hints to help you and your group to put the pieces together. Game Masters will be continuously observing your game and will provide hints when you need them; either to steer you onto the right track or when your group has determined it's time to ask for one. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, in fact most players need clues and we do not judge for asking for one.
Unfortunately, it happens, and due to the booking schedule we wont be able to provide you with extra time. Once your 60-minutes are up the Game Master will enter the room and answer any questions you may have.

Price List

The base price for two players is $125. Each additional player adds $38 to the base price.



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