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What Makes MyssTic Rooms Special?

MyssTic is perfect for everyone. There are no special skills needed to have a great time. Bring your friends, family, co-workers, just a bunch of random people and have fun. You will have the time of your life!

More than an Escape Room, MyssTic offers a fully immersive, live experience where you and your friends, colleagues, or family create your own, very personal adventure – a story only you can tell.

Our rooms offer a theatrical performance, beautiful designs, smart games and a hint of magic. Only if you work together, keep your wits and aren’t afraid to think a different way, will you leave to tell the tale.

Let us be clear, our primary concern is your entertainment and you having a wonderful time. We created a safe place, where you can forget for a moment what is going on outside. The games are in no way dangerous and there is nobody else inside the rooms except for you and your team (no jump scares or actors).

We look forward welcoming you at our sanctuary, where nothing is impossible.

Our best,

Myss Tic Rooms Moritz Marti Co-Founder and Managing Director

Moritz is a Co-Founder and the Managing Director at MyssTic Rooms and enjoys the role of Game Master from time to time. Moritz is responsible for the escape rooms running smoothly and exceeding the player’s expectations. He also contributed significantly to the creative development of MyssTic Rooms and constantly thinks about how to improve the experience further.

Moritz has a background in macroeconomics and project management in emerging markets and found his passion for theater while performing in a layman theater during his studies.

“Well designed Escape Rooms are a great way to combine entertainment with a smart and interactive social activity.”

Gara is a Co-Founder and the Artistic Director at MyssTic Rooms. She also manages the social media and the website, as well as designing the rooms and games. Gara will also serve as Game Master for some games.

GARA is a theatre director as well as a seasoned performer and choreographer, combining her work at mysstic with her work in productions both in europe and the us.

“The magic happens when you take one more step” 

Myss Tic Rooms Miquel Llull co-founder and the engineer

Miquel is a Co-Founder and the Engineer at MyssTic Rooms. His job is to make the magic happen, giving life to objects so all players can have the best experience in our escape rooms. Besides designing, programming and integrating all electronics, he takes care of lighting as well.

Miquel Llull Riera has worked with Cirque du Soleil for several years designing systems, and he has created lighting in many productions mostly in Catalonia and Mallorca (Spain). He loves to bring objects to life in the most theatrical way, so MyssTic is a perfect stage for him!

Special Thanks To

Ilya Vett, Brett Kuehner, Àngela Cendra, Rubén Yuste, Daniel Anglès, Vanessa Yuste, Marina Calvo, Audrey Marti-Pichard, Peter Marti, Florian Plachesi, Carla Roda, Kirill Yusim, Sira Roda, Laia Tardós, Berta Adell, Katia de Toledo, Roser Bundó, Anna Snapp, Sira Roda, Laia Tardós, Woofer8 & Darius Harper.

Myss Tic Escape RoomsMyss Tic Escape Rooms

Myss Tic Escape Rooms