Players: 2-8
Level of Difficulty:

Duration: 70min

Ages 14+

(Players under the age of 16 must be​ accompanied by an adult)

*Prices depend on group size and weekday

Olive Thomas was one of the most famous girls of the Ziegfeld Follies (a well-known theatrical revue that lived in the New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway during the infamous Vaudeville era). She died under mysterious circumstances when she was poisoned in Paris.


Since then, many stage hands in theater swear they still see her - Bating her eyelashes, blowing a kiss or flirting with the men she sees. 

Luckily, a Ghost Light is placed on the stage so that Olive and all of the other Follies from days past can relive their performances during the night and don't bother the living during the day. 


YOUR MISSION: Keeping the spirits happy only works if you manage to turn on the light. But be careful! Once the spirits start performing, you have to run fast if you don't want to be trapped in their world…


Good luck!