Myss Tic offers a fully immersive live experience, where you and your friends, colleagues or family create your own, very personal adventure - a story only you can tell.


The Myss Tic team will be there the whole time to welcome you, to guide you and to ensure that you all shall leave with with your heads in the sky and a smile on your face.


Our rooms offer a theatrical performance, beautiful designs, smart games and a hint of magic. Only if you work together, keep your wits and don’t be shy to think the other way, you shall leave to tell the tale.


Let us be clear, our primary concern is your entertainment and you having a wonderful time. We created a safe place, where you can forget for a moment what is going on outside. The games are in no way dangerous (watch out for space debris!) and there is nobody else inside the rooms except for you and your team (no jump scares or the likes).


We look forward welcoming you at our sanctuary, where nothing is impossible.


Our best,


Myss Tic Team



Yu-Hsuan Chen, Ilya Vett, Àngela Cendra, Rubén Yuste, Daniel Anglès, Vanessa Yuste, Marina Calvo, Audrey Marti-Pichard, Peter Marti, Florian Plachesi, Carla Roda, Kirill Yusim, Sira Roda, Laia Tardós, Berta Adell, Katia de Toledo, Roser Bundó, Anna Snapp, Sira Roda, Laia Tardós.
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